From nothing to overflow: Violetta’s story

Seven years ago, Violetta and her family came from Pennsylvania to Georgia seeking employment opportunities. Once here, they struggled to find jobs as quickly as they needed, putting them in a position of financial difficulty they couldn’t get through on their own.

“We had mouths to feed and no way to feed them,” Violetta said. “We were starting to second guess our decision, wondering ‘Did we really hear God say to move, or should we have stayed?’ The fear of being homeless is enough, and then to not be able to eat…”

But there was help just around the corner, and not a moment too soon.

“My friend introduced me to StreetWise within three months of moving,” Violetta said. “StreetWise helped us meet needs that we didn’t have the finances to take care of. And they were welcoming to me and my whole family.

Violetta’s daughter and two grandsons

“We actually left with food the same day we contacted them. There was food for myself, my husband, my daughter and two grandchildren – enough to feed the whole family.

“We went from nothing to overflow with just one visit. StreetWise just filled every void we had that needed to be filled. They really were a godsend!”

Beyond essentials like food, Violetta and her family went through classes to help get them back on track, and received much-needed spiritual encouragement.

“For six or seven months, they prayed for and ministered to us – even in line at the Mobile Food Pantry when they would fill up the whole car with food,” she said.

“And not only that but, they enabled us with classes. They want you to know that God is there, that He will help you, and that they’ll help you too. They’d even call me to find out if we were okay when I wasn’t able to come – it’s just amazing to know there are people like that out there.”

In recent years, StreetWise has been through some changes. But from Violetta’s perspective, the mission is still clearly the same.

“I know the founder Terry passed away recently, but he left a real legacy, and they meet such a need,” she said. “I’ve seen StreetWise expand: using bigger buses and partnering with more places, and its amazing to watch them grow to reach more people.

“I’m going to bring my family here to donate and give back. I want my grandkids to give back to those who helped get them where they are today. We’re not going to take their help for granted, because the love StreetWise displays is God’s love.”

And as Violetta and her family have moved into a more stable season of life, she looks back on her time being served by StreetWise with immense thankfulness.

“They gave us a second wind and a renewed sense of hope,” she said. “God heard our prayers and made that help available. [Receiving that help] just made us cry, because we couldn’t believe it. I tear up even now just thinking about it. We’re just so grateful.

“To those who helped us: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Sometimes it can feel like the good you do is in vain and that no one cares. But what you’re doing is not in vain; in fact, some of us couldn’t have gotten by without you.

“We wouldn’t be where we are today if it weren’t for the grace of God and the people He has working for him, and those at StreetWise are those people. 

To receive needed help from StreetWise, or to provide life-changing help to those in need here in Gwinnett county, visit today.