StreetWise Back To School Celebration

The start of the school season has begun! And it has been just a little over a week since StreetWise hosted its Back To School Celebration.  This one day is a unique opportunity to be a part of an event that lets kids be kids, and parents enjoy the ‘carnival’ festivities with the kids.  There was music, a family program, lunch, water-slide, face painting, games, and when the celebration was ending, the kids received a Backpack filled with supplies to start their new school year with excitement and eagerness to learn.

All our volunteers were awesome!  They had a wonderful time laughing, smiling, and serving with our client’s families.  The families that attended the celebration were genuinely grateful for the kindness of all our volunteers.  The kids were delighted with their Backpacks and their blessing bags filled with nutritious snacks.  Many of our volunteers brought their kids which made the festivities so much more fun!

What did I learn from this day….

That it is easy to give of yourself, your heart and helping hands. That it makes my heart happy to witness and be a part of all the good that comes from working beside the volunteers and building relationships with our generous financial donors to make StreetWise Events possible and successful.  That kids make you smile, and hugs and laughter are contagious. That communities willingly come together to help other communities. And even a week later after the event, we still smile looking back at all those happy families that enjoyed a day where they did not have to worry or think about the difficult things they are dealing with.

The StreetWise Staff and Family are always amazed how God works through us to be there for others, to hold out a lending hand to those in need and add value to people’s lives.  It just simple acts of kindness that make all the difference to many, many families and individuals.

Please check out our StreetWise Facebook Back To School Celebration photo’s.  Guarantee you will smile too!

Karen Cox

StreetWise Staff