Sally Speaks: Words From a Faithful Ambassador

By: Gina Borg

If anyone knows about StreetWise, it’s Sally. When her husband Kim retired, Sally started looking for an activity they could do together. Then one fateful day in Sunday School, fellow churchgoer Arthur announced a clothing drive; to keep less fortunate families warm in the winter, their class would collect coats for the StreetWise closet.

Arthur, a longtime Ambassador, started to tell Sally about the various services provided at StreetWise Georgia. Intrigued by the idea of spending time on families in need, she started helping out with daily intake.

“Just watching God’s blessings go out of here, I got blessed too,” Sally said.

Sally’s service began in the clothing room, where she acted as a personal shopper to seek what Clients sought. When she broke her ankle in a fall, however, Sally was unable to keep on her feet as the position required. Uncertain as to how God could utilize her recovery time, she felt Him speak two unexpected words: “Intake counselor.”

“My first response was, ‘Where’s the whale?’” Sally smiled. “I wanted to hide from Him for awhile.”

Ultimately, Sally received the strength to step up when she could not stand up. In 2013, she started meeting one-on-one with individuals seeking assistance. It started as something she feared, but soon became one of the things she loved best.

“[My favorite part is] leading people into salvation,” Sally said. “I know that God is the one who called them, but I love that He would use me as His instrument.”

Today, both Sally and Kim serve as regular intake counselors. As they pour out, they are poured into; Sally identifies their service as an experience which has stretched them spiritually, “both individually and together.”
“I wanted to be in a place where God could use me and grow me, which He did. From clothing to counseling — that’s a big leap,” she explained. “It has improved the gifts that He has given me. He has grown me in my own personal relationship with Him. He has made me more comfortable with sharing the gospel and with praying for people. I used to think that I come here and I volunteer and that this was all kind of my idea, but it was all His idea. It had nothing to do with me.”

Sally V.

Sally praying with a Client, 2015