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Hallelujah- He is risen! “He is risen, indeed!”  Luke 24:34  

The words “He is risen!” remind us of the joyous news we celebrate at Easter, that Jesus’ death was not in vain, and that He has the power to overcome death. Saying “He is risen!” allows us to share this incredible truth with each other. The resurrection of Christ gives us hope for salvation and for our own resurrection and eternal life.

Easter is the most joyous day of the year as we get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the tomb, and the grace and forgiveness that His death and resurrection made possible!

Wherever you are this Easter season, you can participate by taking a few moments to read the Easter Story (Matthew 28).  Maybe you have never read the Easter Story or maybe you have read it hundreds of times.  Either way, know that whatever your circumstances, whatever your history, whatever you have said or done…the God who created you loves you, and has made it possible for you to know Him!

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Hallelujah- He is risen! & we all respond “He is risen, indeed!”  Luke 24:34