Our new Executive Director!

Welcome Tracy Joseph to StreetWise Staff & Mission!

Tracy is a Volunteer, not was, as he still “volunteers” at StreetWise in many capacities outside his job and title of “Executive Director”.  He started volunteering several years ago when he worked at Keller Williams and was not only a top Realtor but coordinated Keller Williams Red Day every year at StreetWise, which was a huge success of not only blessings for StreetWise but beautified and renewed our facility and grounds. What would you like to know about Tracy?  I am sure not about his very successful career before coming to StreetWise, but about the man behind the title of Executive Director of StreetWise.  This is what we know…he became a Christian at age 16, wow! That truly says alot about someone so young giving their life to Christ.  We know he was a professional musician and traveled the world, truly playing and singing his heart out for all to enjoy.  Then at age 26, he began a professional career of a different calling, lifetime entrepreneur.  What is that you ask?? Well, he became a residential contractor, developer, designer, building dreams for others, and stepping back to his faith of making others happy.  We know he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty while making the hearts of others happy. From his talents of being a contractor, he became a Keller William Realtor, and oh, in the midst of this, he met Terry Powell.  Terry was not only a dear friend, he was a mentor, a spiritual guide, and he believed in Tracy so much that he asked, not once, but several times, for Tracy to join StreetWise.  After much thought and praying, Tracy joined the StreetWise Board of Directors, and still was…is a volunteer.

Fast forward to today. Tracy believes it is his calling and he has been commissioned to the mission of StreetWise.  He is committed to continue to grow StreetWise and be a Godly influence to our Staff, Volunteers, and our communities. He ensures strong leadership while keeping the StreetWise values and growing the vision of leading us into new chapters. We welcome Tracy to the StreetWise family and are very excited to see what the future of StreetWise holds and standing together with Tracy as we embrace all the great things God is blessing StreetWise with each and every day.

Karen Cox, A truly blessed StreetWise Staff member