Mother’s Day encouragement from the moms of StreetWise

Life can be tough. That’s why we’re here to provide help, both tangibly – through food, clothes, and toiletries – and intangibly, through prayer and positivity. This Mother’s Day weekend, we wanted to share some wisdom, laughs, and encouragement specifically for moms from the moms of StreetWise.


If you were a young mom again, what advice would you give yourself?

“Learn to have more patience and not sweat the small stuff. Tell your kids every day how much you love them, and give hugs (they’re fun to give and get)!” Karen C., executive assistant

“Your children are watching and learning from you, even when you’re not directly teaching them. So teach them the ways of the Lord, love them the best you know how, and persevere even when the road gets tough! Trust God, and don’t try to do anything in your own strength.” Deborah F., volunteer

“Don’t worry what the house looks like; play with your children more.” volunteer

“Stay on the path; don’t stray from it just to make the world happy. Raise your children to know Jesus. And through every tear-filled night, every time they don’t listen, every time it all seems to be falling apart, know that they will grow up and know that you love them.” Tina W., volunteer

“Cherish each moment even when it seems impossible. God has given you precious children, and He has faith in you with them.” Nancy, volunteer

“Accept that everyone makes mistakes as a new mom, so don’t beat yourself up. Kids are resilient and don’t expect you to be perfect. 

“Slow down and enjoy the little things. Read that extra story even though it’s a little past bedtime. Play hookie from preschool for a day and just go have fun with them. And always hug them and tell them that you love them, that they’re amazing, and a gift from God!” Linda M., volunteer


What encouragement would you want to give to StreetWise clients who are moms?

“I know it feels like everything is falling to pieces at times, but sometimes things need to break down before they can be mended. Give things time and pray, pray, pray. You’ve got this!” volunteer

“At times kids can be challenging, but lift yourself up in prayer and know that God will help you through the rough times – and He’ll also be celebrating with you in the good times.” Karen C., executive assistant

“Ask for help when you need it, because everyone needs help at some point. Think about what you wish you’d gotten from your mother/father, and give that to your kids. Nothing monetary, something like saying ‘I love you’, giving encouragement, telling them something positive every day – and give them as much of your time as you can.” Linda M., volunteer 

“Your children are a gift. Treat them as such, but don’t lose too much of yourself in the process. Self-care is necessary to be at your best for them and yourself, so don’t feel guilty for taking a long bubble bath or hiding the last piece of chocolate! Children grow up and surprise you at how well-adjusted they become, despite how much you felt you were doing the wrong thing. So take heart; you’ve got this!” Tina W., volunteer


Anything to share for Mother’s Day?

“Cherish and pamper your mom today; l know I’d love that on this special day!” Jasmine M., volunteer

“I thought I was the worst mother in the world. I made so many mistakes that I wish I could take back, but they repeatedly proved that I did the best job I could with what I had. 

“I’ve called my mother and repeatedly apologized for my actions as a teenager. She’s forgiven me and laughed hysterically every time I called her with tales of what my children were putting me through! 

“My daughter Laura (28) has given me the best present in the world, a granddaughter (my gift from God for surviving the teen years) whom I adore – so the cycle of apologies and laughter has been passed down to a new generation. My son James (24) is about to move across the country, and while my heart is broken, I’m proud that I raised him with a sense of adventure and the courage to follow his heart and fly.” Tina W., volunteer

“Everyone has needed the patience, love, and nurturing of a mother. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!” volunteer 

“Moms: you are enough. Doing your best is all that’s required of you. Loving and encouraging your children is the best gift you can give, and God is working miracles through you even if you don’t realize it. Also you’re loved by all of us [at StreetWise]!” Linda M., volunteer