Meet Frank Queen!

He’s a man with many titles: inventor, volunteer, business founder, husband, father, grandfather. Frank Queen, one of StreetWise’s newest board members, has already started using his experience and talents to make an impact. But why is he here? Keep reading to find out more about him and his passions.

How did you first hear about Streetwise? 

At my previous church I heard about StreetWise and have been a supporter of the ministry for quite some time. 

What do you love about serving on the board of StreetWise? 

I’ve been on the board for six months, and I enjoy knowing that I can have a small part in participating in StreetWise’s vision or ministering to those in our area that are much in need of food, clothing and essentials. I believe they do a great job in reaching and feeding so many, yet the need is so great. StreetWise has an opportunity to serve so many more. 

What do you want others to know about StreetWise? 

This is a much-needed ministry. They do a great job with the little they have to operate on but are limited [financially] as to what they can do in reaching and meeting the community’s needs.  In order to meet those needs, we need more people to participate – both financially and by volunteering. The ministry depends so much on help from volunteers and donations in order to operate efficiently and effectively. 

What difference have you seen StreetWise make in people’s lives? 

I have seen people who arrive to pick up supplies go from having frowns and dejection written on their faces to leaving with smiles of encouragement and enlightenment. Many come to salvation each year through the ministry of StreetWise, and those lives are forever changed!

What is your dream for StreetWise? 

My dream is that StreetWise will continue to grow as needs grow in the years to come and that the Lord will continue to provide the people to serve and ample resources to meet the need.  Also, I want to see the hearts of each of our team members come together to “serve just one more” in the name of Jesus!

Can you share an impactful story about StreetWise? 

A family with small children came to StreetWise to receive food, and when one of the young ones saw what was provided, he jumped for joy saying, “Yeah, we get to eat cereal!”

Tell us about you – work, family, hobbies, etc.

I’m Georgia born and bred – living in Lawrenceville my entire life except a short stint in the Marine Corps and two years in Orlando – and I come from a family of five boys. I received my degree from the Southern Institute of Technology and married a high school sweetheart, Joan Crowe Queen. Together, we have three children – Kevin, Kristy and KC – and 12 grandchildren. 

Professionally, I’m a civil engineer and worked for Bellamy Brothers, Inc., a heavy highway contractor specializing in bridge construction for 20 years prior to founding Foundation Technologies, Inc. Founded locally in 1986, Foundation Technologies is a nationally recognized specialty foundation construction product supplier. Personally, I’m an avid inventor –holding 20 patents – and enjoy coaching, watching football and playing golf.

What would people would be surprised to know about you?

1. I traveled and sang baritone in the gospel group Vision for five years and played the part of Lem in the Lem and Clem comedy duo for the group. 2. I’m a disabled veteran 3.  I coached youth league football for 20 years.

Are you involved in any other organizations?  

I’m a member of 12Stone Church, and our family was part of the church plant for the Hamilton Mill Campus where we led or hosted a small group for many years. We also support a number of other ministries.