Meet Dominique Tedder, StreetWise’s Administrative Liaison!

She’s a wife, mom of a fourth grader, and a Netflix and sushi aficionado. Dominique Tedder is also StreetWise’s administrative liaison, a position she took on earlier this year.

Before applying to work at StreetWise, she’d never heard of it – but now she loves it.

“My family had just moved to Loganville from Henry County, and I discovered StreetWise while filling out applications. I have previous experience in administrative/clerical work, so I thought it would be a good fit,” Dominique said. “I did not know StreetWise was actually a faith-based nonprofit until after I applied for the job, but I was excited to be interviewed [and eventually hired].”

In an organization that does as much as StreetWise – and with only a handful of staff – Dominique’s strength lies in bringing a calm, helping hand to whatever is most needed.

“I try to wear all hats at StreetWise. When I first come in, I give myself 15 minutes to answer as many emails as possible – then I must have my morning coffee,” she said. “After group prayer time, I work on any projects, organize the upcoming days and help anyone who asks – that could mean addressing an IT problem or finding something in the supply closet. My biggest responsibility is taking some of the load off of Tracy so he can focus on growing StreetWise and fulfilling its mission.”

While her responsibilities are varied, Dominique has a singular focus that’s the “why” behind her work at StreetWise.

“I am so grateful for a job that means so much to the community and my personal spirituality,” she said. “When you work for bigger companies you can feel like you’re not making a difference and are just there as another cog in the clockwork.

“I enjoy coming to StreetWise every day and finally working with people that feel like family.”

For those who aren’t on the “inside”, Dominique wants people to know something about StreetWise.

“I want others to know how authentic and genuine StreetWise is about their commitment to the families we serve, volunteers and even employees. I have seen nothing but love towards anyone who walks in the door while working here. I hope that we will continue to grow, so we are able to spread that love to others,” she said.

“I think BackPack Day in July was a good example of how StreetWise makes a difference. As a parent, I know back-to-school shopping is stressful and expensive. I saw lots of happy kids pick out clothes and receive school supplies for the year. Little things like that can make or break a family’s budget. 

“That’s just one way StreetWise was able to take an extra worry off of the parents and kids so they can focus on what’s important.”

As she continues to dive into helping further the mission of StreetWise, Dominique has her own dream for its future.

“I hope that we can extend our reach, so more people can benefit from what God has called us to do. My dream is to watch StreetWise grow into the organization God has prepared it to be,” she said. 

“While I’ve only been here for a few months, I’ve already seen the blessings that continue to pour out here.”