Many Pieces, One Purpose- Puzzle Piece #7

Outdo One Another…

We dream of stable, independent families who no longer choose between making rent and buying groceries. We dream of healthy, satisfied children who can depend on three meals a day. We dream of fridges filled, jobs found, addictions broken and education unlocked.

It will take work, and it will take all of us, but we can make a difference within our community. We have already seen lives restored, rebuilt stronger than they ever had been before. It can happen. It does happen. We will never forget those like Doris, a grandmother working hard to give her grandson the chance for education and success that she herself never had. With a little help along the way, she was able to do just that; today her grandson has an education, a career and the life she always hoped he would.

Doris’ story proves that when we are willing to lend a hand, it might just change a life. We never know what can happen when we give a small “yes” to love others in the way we have been called to do. A pattern of small, faith-filled steps can overrule a pattern of poverty. The cycles of situational and generational lack can be relentless, but so can we be.



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