Many Pieces, One Purpose- Puzzle Piece #6

If We Do Not Give Up…

Many things have become standard to a majority of Americans. We easily find food in the fridge or on the table. We run to the store when we need more. We pay our bills, eat a good meal and diaper our babies (but hopefully not at the same time).

Meanwhile, however, many of our own neighbors consider these activities luxurious. Often, they are forced to choose one and forego the others. Diapers or running water? Dinner for their family or making rent to keep their home? It doesn’t take much — a new school supply list or an upcoming birthday — to bring on the question: What will we do?

Perhaps, at one time, you have been in this situation yourself, when the bill comes and your stomach sinks and the floor rolls right out from under you. Or perhaps you know someone — a neighbor or friend — who has had to swim upstream and fight tirelessly just to get by day to day. Whatever the case may be, change is necessary, and we believe we can become that change.

Here at StreetWise, we take a “one for all, all for one” approach. Each one who pitches in to serve or give becomes part of the all, and then we all work together in reaching each one who needs help. It doesn’t have to be huge or heroic. Each singular effort to chip away at the need in our community has valiant impact. Even if one person suffers less and comes to know Christ in the process, it is all worth it.

God has given each of us a story, a set of unique experiences and a specific assortment of gifts and passions. When we accept His invitation to apply those things for His purposes, we are swept up in the adventure of partnership with our King and have the privilege of witnessing His miracles.



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