Many Pieces, One Purpose- Puzzle Piece #3

You Did It to Me…

It’s hard to believe that just a few short years ago, the StreetWise pantry was nearly bare. We would stare at our few bags of Wonder Bread and wonder: When the families come, what will we feed them?

The Lord always provided in the end, at least enough to make it through the day, and now He has multiplied our food stores beyond imagining. It’s the miracle of loaves and fishes (with pasta and produce and fruit snacks thrown in for good measure).

Today we are able to provide 60 Client families per week with nearly 200 lbs. of groceries. A partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank makes it possible for us to aid an additional 200 families at each monthly Mobile Food Pantry. Finally, annual events, such as Backpack Day, the Block Parties and our holiday celebrations, provide for several hundred more Clients throughout the year.

Altogether, the Lord makes it possible to provide necessities for literally thousands of struggling neighbors, and to minister directly to His heart as we do. What a privilege it is to love Him and to have His help in the process! By linking arms with like-minded businesses and individuals within the community, we are able to retrieve food from local stores, store food properly to preserve freshness and purchase quality items at discounted prices. Each process requires excellence, and we aim to give no less; for each person who walks through our doors is an opportunity to serve Jesus. Thank you for serving Him with us.



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