360-degree view of help and healing – Christy’s story

Food, clothing, toiletries – these are real needs StreetWise provides. But it’s also much more – StreetWise is somewhere your voice will be heard. 

Making sure the community knows StreetWise and its story matters, but we also truly listen to clients’ stories. One client Christy came to StreetWise after her family situation took a turn for the worse.

“I live by myself, except three dogs that keep me busy. My husband left the year before last in April; he left me with all the bills,” Christy said. 

StreetWise takes special care to ensure clients’ needs are being met. Staff and volunteers put their hearts into everything they do and aim to love others as Jesus would. 

Along with meeting physical needs – a crucial part of the ministry – StreetWise’s 360-degree view of clients’ needs also invests in people emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

Christy saw this for herself.

“A bunch of people I knew told me about StreetWise, and it is excellent,” she said. “I like coming to StreetWise because they’re always so nice and polite. They’ll come up and greet you with a smile.”

A big way to meet needs – when they’re open to it – is prayer with clients. Knowing they’re loved and cared for in all aspects of life is a priority for StreetWise; putting a box of food in their hands isn’t enough for us!

Our goal is to add a extra blessing to each client’s visit, and Christy experienced encouragement from this extra step of care. 

“They stood out to me when they asked if they could pray with me; that made me feel a whole lot better when I needed a prayer,” Christy said. “It made me feel happy and just brought tears to my eyes when they asked for my prayer requests.”

Without our generous donors, StreetWise wouldn’t exist for those who need it, like Christy. We do our best to deserve and make the most of these funds and appreciate every bit of support.

“I knew I’d come to the right place when I came to StreetWise,” she said.