Celebrating Easter at StreetWise!

Celebrating Easter at StreetWise!

“He is Risen” means that there is more to be written yet in the story of our lives. We do not have to live alone and afraid anymore. God is with us. He will come and live with us.

As we celebrated this blessed day at StreetWise, we are grateful for what God gives us, and are truly blessed for each day we are here serving others.  On Saturday, April 3rd, we had our Easter Celebration for the first time in over a year.  COVID brought on many challenges, and with that, in 2020 we were unable to have our traditional Easter Celebration with Terry & Pat Powell delivering the message of God & teaching the real meaning of Easter.  

We missed the StreetWise events, especially Easter, and so we all put on our thinking caps and said “how can we have an Easter Celebration & stay safe?” The ideas just flowed through our hearts and hands, and we had the best Easter Celebration! Our clients never got out of their cars (much like Mobile Food Pantry event), and we had banners with scripture, a choir, Easter decorations, and so much more…all outside!

God blessed us with so many helping hands (volunteers) for this event along with a beautiful sunny day. Our clients and their families not only received food, but Easter Baskets for the children, Blessing Backpacks for the teenagers, and Blessing Bags for the parents.  All filled with goodies, the Word of God in a pocket-size booklet, and surprise little gifts.  The best gift of all was we gave every family the Little Golden Book “The Story of Easter”, this gentle introduction to the biblical account of Jesus’s final days on earth, and Resurrection is perfect for preschoolers and the whole family.

We hope you enjoy the Easter Message by Pastor Alex and the Story of Easter book link.

Click here to read more of the story of Easter that your family and children will enjoy.

Above all share in the Love for each other, & know that God & StreetWise loves you!

Your StreetWise Family