God always makes a way: Barbara’s story

Life can be tough. For Gwinnett County local Barbara, this is true, but her faith helps carry her through.

Barbara has seen evidence of God working in her life, to protect her and carry her through some of her most challenging moments. She even believes He literally saved her life one morning.

“I woke up for work one morning and left early at about 5:00 a.m. I was working in Lawrenceville, and I was so tired, but I knew I needed the money,” she said. “I got on highway 316, and I fell asleep at the wheel. God woke me up with a bright light and noise; I didn’t even run off the road. That wasn’t anyone but the Lord – God is real.”

Barbara’s faith in God has been reinforced through her experiences at StreetWise.

“I first heard about StreetWise over 20 years ago from the church I used to work at,” she said. “When I worked there, I was just coming to StreetWise now and then, but then when I got laid off, I came every month.

“It helped me out a lot because sometimes I just didn’t have money to buy food because of my bills.”

Circumstances like these can rattle your faith, but for Barbara, coming into contact with StreetWise has helped strengthen hers.

“God will make a way. When one door closes, God will have something left for you – and He made a way for me [through StreetWise].” she said. “They’re truly a blessing from God, and they mean a lot to me.”

Not only has Barbara had her tangible needs met at StreetWise, she’s also felt the immense power of  encouragement and love there.

“They pray for me, and it’s encouraged me to keep believing in the Lord – don’t ever give up on God,” she said.

“You might be feeling bad, but you go there, and you’ve got somebody to talk to. When you lose people like your mother and other people in your life, you try to pick yourself up. Sometimes it’s hard to try to make it; sometimes you just don’t wanna keep going – it’s rough.

“At StreetWise, they talk to you and try to help you through your problem. They help you to keep believing and trusting and praying.”

Barbara’s message to others who find themselves in a hard spot?

“I want people to know that StreetWise, they’re for them. They help people from many places, so many people. StreetWise helped me and my family. My daughter was going to StreetWise to get help for her children and her grandchildren – my great-grandchildren.”

Barbara has also been moved by the stories of others who have benefited from StreetWise’s help.

“I’ve heard people talk about how when their children needed to go to school, they supplied school supplies for them. [In the past], they helped children who wanted to go to prom and didn’t have the money for it – from the shoes to the dresses, everything they needed,” she said.

That’s why Barbara is so grateful to the people who fund StreetWise’s mission. And in the same way Barbara trusts God to provide for her, she also encourages those who support StreetWise to trust that He’ll work in their lives, too.

“Thank you for donating to StreetWise! Everybody in StreetWise is doing a good job helping people, so just keep giving,” she said. “Just keep on loving people and loving the Lord. What you donate, you will get it back. God will make a way for you; He has it all in his hands.”