What We Do!

StreetWise is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit committed to helping people who are struggling, and are low income to poverty level, get the help and care they need to rebuild their lives and function independently. Rebuilding lives does not just come through handouts; it comes through commitment and involves a process. StreetWise Georgia is a hand up and committed to:

Meeting Needs

Streetwise January 15 1-16

The first step toward rebuilding is in meeting immediate needs with tangible assistance. StreetWise aids clients with food, clothing, and hygiene items by appointment at our facility, 10AM-2PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We also partner with Atlanta Community Food Bank to hold a Mobile Food Pantry on the second Saturday of each month. Pre-registered guests never have to get out of their cars.

StreetWise is able to provide these items through donations from the community and is blessed to distribute over 1 million pounds of food to over thousands of families each year! With help from community members like you, our goal is to reach many more families.

Volunteers are a critical component to everything we do.  If you are interested in volunteering for an upcoming event or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: volunteer@streetwisegeorgia.org. Checkout our Calendar of Events for upcoming events and volunteer opportunities.

Demonstrating Commitment &

Building Independence

StreetWise helps struggling families get back on their feet and enables them to function independently. We offer physical, emotional, mental and spiritual tools to help people move from a state of dependency to a state of well-being and self-sufficiency. Families in need know they can count on StreetWise for more than food and clothing.  StreetWise Georgia demonstrates commitment to serving families and building independence through our offered “Free” Programs.

Client “Road Mapping”  StreetWise strives to be a one-stop resource center for the community.  When a Client arrives at our facility, they meet with trained Volunteers to discuss their immediate needs, discover what services they may qualify for, and create a plan for them to return to a state of independence. For more information on how to make a Client appointment or Need Help information click here.

Food Pantry  Clients who participate in our “Road Mapping” program receive enough food to feed their household for several weeks, in hopes to alleviate stress on monthly household expenses.

Mobile Food Pantry  On the second Saturday of every month StreetWise hosts a unique opportunity for families to receive over 170 lbs. of food without even getting out of their vehicle.  After StreetWise Volunteers load a Client’s vehicle, they have an opportunity to share personal concerns with prayer counselors.

Cedar’s Closet  Clients have the opportunity to pair up with a personal “shopper” where we provide free clothing, toiletries, housewares, and other necessities.

Training  StreetWise provides courses that educate and train clients for job interviews, resume writing, job skills, basic financial education, and other life skills.

Events  StreetWise hosts special events to honor Holidays, Back to School, Summer Block Parties, and Prom preparation that includes providing students with all the items they need for their Prom Event.