A little more sure. A little more ready.

The start of a new school year can awaken many emotions. New classes, teachers and friends contribute to that familiar flutter of excitement and possibility.

The start of a new school year can also be intimidating, especially for a student who feels unprepared and ill-equipped to face new scholastic challenges. For many families throughout metro Atlanta, a bookbag full of fresh school supplies is a luxury that must be forgone in favor of food, rent, medicine and other necessities. Without the proper tools, these students enter their classrooms empty-handed and at an immediate disadvantage.

Here, we believe that every Client family is part of our own StreetWise family, and we would not allow family to go without. With the help of our volunteers, donors and dedicated intercessors, StreetWise was able to share the all-seeing love of Christ, which meets us where we are, and distribute school supplies to nearly 200 students in both Lawrenceville and Auburn.

Nearly 200 bright, young minds may now approach education with the confidence that comes with being fully equipped. Nearly 200 futures are just a little bit brighter because that many students have been properly prepared to begin on the right foot. Nearly 200 souls have been reminded that they are infinitely and abundantly loved.

In true StreetWise fashion, we took the opportunity of supplying supplies to share the news of our unending supply in Jesus. By praying for families and presenting the gospel on a level that each child could engage with, we hope to have provided the constant source of joy, peace and strength necessary to see them through this year, whatever it may bring.

And so it begins. Within the next two weeks, most every student will have returned to school. Many months of learning lie in wait. As preschoolers and seniors alike embark on the brand new adventure that is 2016-17, we pray blessing and wisdom over every effort and interaction. We pray that every child would know God in a new way this year, would know the width, length, depth and height of his love for them (Eph. 3:18). We pray that along with the notebooks, binders and dividers that they received at StreetWise, they will carry extra bravery and holy boldness into the halls.

Fresh school supplies. Fresh year. Fresh start. This one will truly be something!